Two Easy Steps for Hydrated + Glowing Skin

There’s nothing better than when your skin feels hydrated and glows. With the hot summer months upon us it’s easy to feel like all we’re doing is sweating, and maintaining a glow on a daily basis can be difficult. 

When it comes to makeup there’s several things we can do for the appearance of a highlighted complexion, but what about starting with our skin?

It’s no surprise that your makeup won’t be as beautiful as it can be without a canvas that’s been properly prepared, and there are two simple steps to achieving this–I’ve been using Fresh Beauty’s new Vitamin Nectar face cream and mask for one week now and here’s what I’ve noticed:

My skin feels smoother and hydrated, the tone of my skin is clear and bright, and my makeup goes on so much better when I’ve masked and followed up with the moisturizer. With crushed oranges, lemons, and clementines, the mask and cream is packed full with  AHA fruit acids help exfoliate to reveal a smoother and brighter complexion. 

Are you willing to become a glow-getter? 

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