The Truth About Eyelash + Eyebrow Growth Serums

I’ve always wanted super long eyelashes and thick brows. Fortunately I wasn’t someone who over-plucked my eyebrows in my teen years and still had a base of brows to work with, but they still weren’t what I wanted. So in my personal beauty journey, I have meticulously been on the hunt for the right products (and threading specialist) to use. 

Years ago when working at Saks in the cosmetics department here in NYC, I stumbled across a product called Neulash, a serum promising to grow eyelashes using peptides to promote stimulation of the hair follicle, and decided to give it a try. After 5 weeks of applying the lash serum every night to my top lashes, they literally grew so long they touched my eyebrows and I am not kidding. Everyone noticed, and I loved putting on mascara in the morning because of how thick they became and opened up my eyes. 

I’ve since been using Neulash for the past 6+ years on my lashes and I have noticed that they’ve stayed thick even with minimal use, they are still long, and the maintenance has been extremely easy. So I began to wonder,  if there’s something for my eyelashes, wouldn’t there be something for my eyebrows? 

While at the New Beauty Tastemakers event last year, I met Alicia Grande, founder of GrandeBrow Cosmetics and she introduced me to her amazing brow growth serum. Since I was familiar how the eyelash serum worked I knew the brow would do the same, and I was so excited to try. I applied it 5 weeks every night before bed and brushed it through my brows in an upward motion and noticed a significant change in the thickness of my brows, and also was able to grow hair in gaps that were starting to form. Now, I get them threaded every 4 weeks, keep the thicker shape in tact, have to get them trimmed because they do grow fast, and I am continuing to notice results from the serum. 

Just so you know, in the photo I placed in this post, the only thing in my brows is Glossier Boy Brow pomade lightly brushed through. No pencil or extra shaping with makeup added. 

Here’s the deal: If you want to grow your lashes and brows without getting micro-blading or lash extensions that can become pretty costly, I highly recommend investing in these two products to use. But you have to follow the directions and you can’t get lazy. Both tubes last me 3+ months with regular use which actually turns out to be really budget friendly. Are you willing to try lash and brow growth serums? 

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