I Tried It: The Best Sunscreen I’ve Found For Everyday Use

I’m an avid sunscreen consumer. It’s true. I am fair skinned and start to burn while checking the weather report, there’s no way around the fact I have to wear sunscreen every single day. Blah.

Being a New Yorker and practically walking everywhere, in the hot summer months the sun takes a toll on my skin and I can’t be outside for more than 25 minutes unprotected or else I’ll start to turn pink. Blah blah blah. 

While I’ve embraced being practically translucent (unless I’ve applied St. Tropez self tanning mousse which I am obsessed with btw) I’ve tested out my fair share of sunscreens for daily use and could give you lengthy reviews on all of them.

Wearing sunscreen to the beach or on vacation can be different for me as I need something pretty strong that I reapply every hour, but  I was looking for one I could wear each day while being outside and walking, you know for the daily life stuff that requires you to wear clothes. I tested out Amore Pacific Resort Collection Spray Sunscreen and here’s what I think:


I applied it right out of the shower after I had dried off, naked, because in case you didn’t know, now you know that’s how you should always apply sun protection, and the mist was cooling and felt very fresh. I noticed my skin felt hydrated right away, it didn’t smell chemically at all and it looked like I had applied a thin sheer body oil to my arms and legs. Also a nice note, it didn’t wreak a slippery havoc on my tiled bathroom floor. 

No sticky spray, or globs of cream, or strange white translucent cast that starts to pill and rub off in an hour of being outside. 

I ran my errands in 90 degree heat, was outside for most of the day, and not a single awkward burn line to be found ANYWHERE the next day, which to me is a major success. What are you using to protect your skin this summer? 

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