The Truth About Eyelash + Eyebrow Growth Serums

I’ve always wanted super long eyelashes and thick brows. Fortunately I wasn’t someone who over-plucked my eyebrows in my teen years and still had a base of brows to work with, but they still weren’t what I wanted. So in my personal beauty journey, I have meticulously been on the hunt for the right products (and threading specialist) to use. 

Years ago when working at Saks in the cosmetics department here in NYC, I stumbled across a product called Neulash, a serum promising to grow eyelashes using peptides to promote stimulation of the hair follicle, and decided to give it a try. After 5 weeks of applying the lash serum every night to my top lashes, they literally grew so long they touched my eyebrows and I am not kidding. Everyone noticed, and I loved putting on mascara in the morning because of how thick they became and opened up my eyes. 

I’ve since been using Neulash for the past 6+ years on my lashes and I have noticed that they’ve stayed thick even with minimal use, they are still long, and the maintenance has been extremely easy. So I began to wonder,  if there’s something for my eyelashes, wouldn’t there be something for my eyebrows? 

While at the New Beauty Tastemakers event last year, I met Alicia Grande, founder of GrandeBrow Cosmetics and she introduced me to her amazing brow growth serum. Since I was familiar how the eyelash serum worked I knew the brow would do the same, and I was so excited to try. I applied it 5 weeks every night before bed and brushed it through my brows in an upward motion and noticed a significant change in the thickness of my brows, and also was able to grow hair in gaps that were starting to form. Now, I get them threaded every 4 weeks, keep the thicker shape in tact, have to get them trimmed because they do grow fast, and I am continuing to notice results from the serum. 

Just so you know, in the photo I placed in this post, the only thing in my brows is Glossier Boy Brow pomade lightly brushed through. No pencil or extra shaping with makeup added. 

Here’s the deal: If you want to grow your lashes and brows without getting micro-blading or lash extensions that can become pretty costly, I highly recommend investing in these two products to use. But you have to follow the directions and you can’t get lazy. Both tubes last me 3+ months with regular use which actually turns out to be really budget friendly. Are you willing to try lash and brow growth serums? 

I Tried It: The Best Sunscreen I’ve Found For Everyday Use

I’m an avid sunscreen consumer. It’s true. I am fair skinned and start to burn while checking the weather report, there’s no way around the fact I have to wear sunscreen every single day. Blah.

Being a New Yorker and practically walking everywhere, in the hot summer months the sun takes a toll on my skin and I can’t be outside for more than 25 minutes unprotected or else I’ll start to turn pink. Blah blah blah. 

While I’ve embraced being practically translucent (unless I’ve applied St. Tropez self tanning mousse which I am obsessed with btw) I’ve tested out my fair share of sunscreens for daily use and could give you lengthy reviews on all of them.

Wearing sunscreen to the beach or on vacation can be different for me as I need something pretty strong that I reapply every hour, but  I was looking for one I could wear each day while being outside and walking, you know for the daily life stuff that requires you to wear clothes. I tested out Amore Pacific Resort Collection Spray Sunscreen and here’s what I think:


I applied it right out of the shower after I had dried off, naked, because in case you didn’t know, now you know that’s how you should always apply sun protection, and the mist was cooling and felt very fresh. I noticed my skin felt hydrated right away, it didn’t smell chemically at all and it looked like I had applied a thin sheer body oil to my arms and legs. Also a nice note, it didn’t wreak a slippery havoc on my tiled bathroom floor. 

No sticky spray, or globs of cream, or strange white translucent cast that starts to pill and rub off in an hour of being outside. 

I ran my errands in 90 degree heat, was outside for most of the day, and not a single awkward burn line to be found ANYWHERE the next day, which to me is a major success. What are you using to protect your skin this summer? 

I’ve been doing at-home microneedling and here’s what I’ve noticed

Anything with needles scares me. 
I’ve cried before every shot at the doctor and almost fainted when I got my first tattoo, (which is now fully removed thanks to laser tattoo removal-it works!)

I had been reading about microneedling for a long time, but the thought of tiny little needles all over my face really freaked me out, because of how sensitive my skin is, and red I become. But there were certain skin concerns I was starting to have, like seeing more large pores, wanting a smoother texture, and the annoying fine lines along my forehead. So when I was sent this microneedle roller by Tina K I decided to test it out. 


The roller has 1200 titanium needles that glide across the skin, just penetrating the surface enough to send a signal to your brain that the body needs more collagen and elastin. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take all the collagen and elastin your body can produce, right? 

I slathered my face in serum, set my phone timer for 5 minutes, and got to work. The instructions were clear, and I rolled it along my face in all the areas (even under eyes and across my mouth) in different directions and then moved along to another section, rolling back and forth 5-10 times in each area. After applying moisturizer (you can also apply hydrocortisone cream as recommended, I just didn’t have any) I felt a gentle tingling sensation but there was really no pain and my skin wasn’t beet red. 

The first morning after microneedling I noticed my skin was smoother looking and had a nice glow. I microneedled again that week as recommended, and noticed my skin had the same glow the very next day. 


It’s been almost 4 weeks since I started this treatment (2x per week)  and here’s what I’ve noticed: my skin glows, my pores are starting to shrink, the texture of my skin is starting to become more even, and all around I’ve seen a tad more tightness. While you can get this professionally done in a dermatologists office, I love the fact that this is a safe and easy version to do at home and on my own schedule. 

Don’t you wanna roll with me? 

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