I’ve been doing at-home microneedling and here’s what I’ve noticed

Anything with needles scares me. 
I’ve cried before every shot at the doctor and almost fainted when I got my first tattoo, (which is now fully removed thanks to laser tattoo removal-it works!)

I had been reading about microneedling for a long time, but the thought of tiny little needles all over my face really freaked me out, because of how sensitive my skin is, and red I become. But there were certain skin concerns I was starting to have, like seeing more large pores, wanting a smoother texture, and the annoying fine lines along my forehead. So when I was sent this microneedle roller by Tina K I decided to test it out. 


The roller has 1200 titanium needles that glide across the skin, just penetrating the surface enough to send a signal to your brain that the body needs more collagen and elastin. If you’re anything like me, you’ll take all the collagen and elastin your body can produce, right? 

I slathered my face in serum, set my phone timer for 5 minutes, and got to work. The instructions were clear, and I rolled it along my face in all the areas (even under eyes and across my mouth) in different directions and then moved along to another section, rolling back and forth 5-10 times in each area. After applying moisturizer (you can also apply hydrocortisone cream as recommended, I just didn’t have any) I felt a gentle tingling sensation but there was really no pain and my skin wasn’t beet red. 

The first morning after microneedling I noticed my skin was smoother looking and had a nice glow. I microneedled again that week as recommended, and noticed my skin had the same glow the very next day. 


It’s been almost 4 weeks since I started this treatment (2x per week)  and here’s what I’ve noticed: my skin glows, my pores are starting to shrink, the texture of my skin is starting to become more even, and all around I’ve seen a tad more tightness. While you can get this professionally done in a dermatologists office, I love the fact that this is a safe and easy version to do at home and on my own schedule. 

Don’t you wanna roll with me? 

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